Hi!  We are Dani and Ken Schettig and we are so happy you found us!  Ken and I love biking and running…and swimming, and camping, and fishing, and traveling, and…well, anything that screams Adventure!  Number one priority though, is our deep love relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.  We have often found that our fun adventures overshadow our relationship with Christ.  After re-establishing our priorities with the Lord once again, Ken and I began a long conversation that was to be the beginning of our ‘Brake Free Run Free’ adventure.  First, it really hit me that this grand country of ours is in need of a revival!  After retiring, I could see that people are truly in frenzied states!  Raising kids, meeting deadlines, caring for elderly parents, dealing with traffic, debt, and just plain noise!  Where is the room for our spirituality, our love for Christ?  Aren’t people feeling lost and empty, wondering what is missing in their ‘utopian’ lives?  Second, it occurred to me that revival must begin right here at home, with Ken and I.  Our daily bible study, our prayers, and our continued conversations, together with our lifelong journeys, helped us to understand that…everything we have, everything we experience, everything we see, and yes, everything we have lost, is from our Father God.  Giving it all to God and knowing He is in control is unbelievably freeing!  And, That, is what lead us to this!  Brake Free Run Free is our revival tour!  What better way to spread the Word and revive the heart and soul but on our bikes, running trails, seeing the sights, and most importantly, meeting you!  We want to hear your life ‘story’ and share ours with you.

  • Do you feel like something is missing in your life?
  • Are you a spiritual person and what does that mean to you?  Do you know Jesus Christ?
  • What have been your life struggles and how have you dealt with them?
  • How do you stay sane in an insane world?  Where do you find peace?
  • Are you active?  What are you doing for you and for Christ?

We would love to hear from you or meet you on the Brake Free Run Free Revival Tour!

In Christ,

Dani and Ken



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