Day 73 & 74 – Munuscong Campground to Cedarville (Total Miles = 1190.5)

With all of Tom’s gear dry, we headed toward St. Ignace.  The plan had been to ride and stop in Hessel for a look see, then continue on to find another campground.  We only made it to Cedarville.  We were all so exhausted from the ride, and we were worried about the rain due in.  With Tom’s permeable tent, camping in the rain wasn’t an option.  We found a super cute cabin at Loons Point Campground and settled in.

Loons Point is located along Lake Huron, on the mainland, but within the Les Cheneaux archipelago.  There are 36 small islands within the Les Cheneaux that covers 12 miles of shoreline.  The name is french, for ‘the channels’.  Hessel, the town I wanted to see, is part of the islands and every year the town holds an antique wooden boat show.  The Les Cheneaux Islands Antique Boat Show and Festival of the Arts has been held on the second Saturday in August since 1976.  Like many festivals this year, it was cancelled.  I would love to make it to this festival!  I am putting it on my bucketlist of future adventures.

The weather here is unpredictable.  It never did rain that night, but did rain the next day.  We hung around the cabin and when the rain stopped, we rode a couple of the islands on our bikes.  Then, Ken and I rode into town and stopped by the Cattails Cove Restaurant and Bar.

The whitefish have been plentiful our entire tour.  Cattails cooked up a really good fish, and the locals never disappoint.

View From Our Ride

Ewes Hanging Out On Top, Next To, And Inside The Hay Rolls

View From Our Ride

Moonlit Night

Into A Gorgeous Sunrise

Ken And Tom Analyzing The Weather

Poster For The 2020 Antique Wooden Boat Show

Pictures From Our Island Bike Ride

Someone’s Enjoying The Lake

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