Day 70 – Paradise to Sault Ste. Marie (Total Miles = 1131.5)

We did it!!  We rode 60 miles in one beautiful day!  All-in-all, it took us 9 hours, but that included stops along the way.  The route was fantastic, with little traffic.  It wound peacefully along the coast of Whitefish Bay, a part of Lake Superior.  Sadly, this would be our last view of this magnificent lake.  Understand that, we have been riding with Lake Superior at our side since July 26th, when we first laid eyes on her at Presque Isle in the Porcupine Mountains…36 days ago!  We will be parting ways to join Saint Marys River, which connects Lake Superior with Lake Huron, another of Michigan’s great lakes.

Our journey today granted us with some good memories.  We stopped at a roadside lookout for lunch, in addition to, savoring one of our last glimpses of Lake Superior.  We could see Canada far off in the water!  It was a bit strange, though, when a border patrol car drove through to investigate.  They patrol the international waterways between the U.S. and Canada, and the main routes leading out from there.  Ken and I never thought about the fact that the great lakes can be entryways for drug dealers and terrorists from all over the world.  It is good to know our border patrol are there and committed to keeping our borders safe and secure.

Our ride brought us by the most beloved garden yet.  Whoever tends this patchwork of eden, sowed their heart directly into the soil.  I had to get off Miss Honey, and walk the entire length of its beauty.  Every nook and cranny was filled with different colors, varieties, shapes, and sizes of flowers.  Did this aesthetic plan the garden?…or did it just become over the years?  How long has this garden been growing?  It appears the motivation came from their love of mothers.  Is the gardener a mother?  I wish that looking at pictures…could set you right into that existence…because the pictures will never capture the full artistry of this piece of heaven.  I would have loved the opportunity to speak with the gardener…yet, the stories can be visually heard from within the garden…no words required.

Riding onward, we came to a lighthouse that I did not realize was on the route!  I just love lighthouses, and this was a pleasant surprise to stumble upon!  And, what a fantastic lighthouse it is!  Point Iroquois Lighthouse served Lake Superior at the entrance to St. Mary’s River for 107 years.  A real looker, she is now on the National Register of Historic Places.  We could not tour the inside, but enjoyed the grounds and, literally, our last view of Lake Superior.  But, speaking of surprises, we once again met up with Ed, our road angel from Kritters Campground!  He was checking out the lighthouse too, and, well, it is just a kick to run into people that you know!!

We made it to Sault Ste. Marie just in time to see our buddy Tom fly into the airport!  I really wanted to get a picture of Tom flying in overhead!  Stupid, excited me…Ken heard and saw his plane come into view, and instead of taking pictures, I start jumping up and down, and waving hello…thinking he sees us…and forgot to take the pictures.  Of course he never saw us!!  He said he needed to keep his eye on the runway when flying in and touching down at 100 miles per hour…..awww, makes sense….I guess.  :]

Haha!!  Tom is here!  Ken and I have someone new to razz!!  It gets a bit old, and harder, to razz someone you’ve been with 24/7 for 70 days.  This is going to be a great week!!

Canada Across Lake Superior

Lake Superior Beneath Cloud Cover

Patchwork of Eden

Point Iroquois Lighthouse

Ed and Ken

Horses!  Two Gals Enjoying The Day On Their Horses

View From The Road…Look!  No Hands!!  Naw, I Stopped To Take The Pics

Is It Looking Like Fall?

Tom Flying Into Sault Ste. Marie

Imaginative Check-In Procedure To The Budget Host In The Sault

Tom!!  Following The Procedures, He Successfully Checks In To This Adventure!




4 thoughts on “Day 70 – Paradise to Sault Ste. Marie (Total Miles = 1131.5)”

  1. White Fish Bay is key in the historyof the Edmund Fitzgerarld! And drugs . . oh yes that’s been an issue for a very long time. Remember the movie Mule with Clint Eastwood, a MI story.
    So pretty, I know exactly where you are. I love the garden and give you big kudos for staying on the road so long. I’d want to be home by now.


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