Day 68 & 69 – Tahquamenon Falls to Paradise (Total Miles = 1071.1)

We spent the night in Paradise!

After a lovely day seeing the lower and upper Tahquamenon Falls, we rode on to Paradise.  The weather was looking more and more ominous, so we were happy when two cyclists came upon us and shared the road for a bit.  Chris and Diane were out for the day on fast road bikes, so Ken and I were having to pedal faster than ever to keep up.  At least we would get to Paradise faster and beat the rain.

These two had been touring before and wanted to hear about our plans.  We talked and rode for about 4 miles.  They gave us insight into the route ahead, too.  Their turn off came up and we said goodbye.

No sooner did we get to Paradise and, YES!, found a hotel room, than it did start to rain.  We decided to stay an extra day, since the weather was going to stick around.

We met a nice couple at the local restaurant, Renee and Steve.  We talked to them for some time and enjoyed their stories about DeYoung Zoo in the early days of their existence.  One story they shared was about when they first visited the zoo, and there was only a house in front.  They were confused as to where to go, when they spotted a parrot on the porch.  The parrot told them to walk around back to see the zoo!  Steve’s family has had property in the U.P. for generations, and Renee was definitely a pasty connoisseur.  I told her they needed to check out Amy’s Pasty Shop in Hancock…and I think they will!

We also met another cycling couple.  They are on a sa-weeeeet tandom bike and are out for a week touring the U.P.  Marianne and David have toured before, but this was a new bike for them.  A daVinci Global Venture, designed in Denver, CO., allows each rider to pedal separately.  That way…you wouldn’t know who was sloughing off!  Just kidding.  The captain, in front, controls the gearing.  They were off towards Sault Ste. Marie.  Ken and I have been thinking of them all day, as it has been windy and rainy.  Keep on biking!!

Sault Ste. Marie is our next destination!  We plan to ride out tomorrow, it will be August 30th.  The plan is to ride 58 miles in one day!!!  We are motivated!!  Our bestie Tom is flying in to join us for a week of riding!!  Woo-Hoo!!

Renee and Steve

Marianne and David






6 thoughts on “Day 68 & 69 – Tahquamenon Falls to Paradise (Total Miles = 1071.1)”

  1. Hi Danni and Ken! Again, what a great pleasure to have met you both. Your stories are fasinating to read. We left Paradise Saturday and headed to the Falls and they are just beautiful. Then our journey took us to Hancock/Houghton for the rest of our weekend. We traveled around the peninsula to different sites and went up to Brockway Mountain to overlook the entire Copper Harbor town. The UP is definitely God’s Country. Yes, we went to Amy J’s and bought a few of the pasties and some warm homemade Oatmeal Bread! Mentioned you to Amy and she certainly remembered you and your story. How did you bike those hills? Stay safe in your Journey Home. Renee and Steve


      1. Hi…bought 6 of the large ones. They are in the freezer and will be eaten soon! I’ll keep you posted! When do you head back to pick up the ferry ? Are you going across the bridge or back through Escanaba?


      2. Enjoy the cooler temperatures. Thought if you were going to be in the area sometime next week that we would hook up with you in Menominee/Marinette area. Unfortunately, We will be leaving late next week to head back to Illinois for a couple weeks. Will be back up to the farm early October until after Hunting in November.


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