Day 58 – Marquette to Gitchee Gumee Campground (Total Miles =906.65)

We gave up the turbo powered Nissan Rogue for our humble, but loyal, bicycles.  It was a great day back on Honey Badger and Traveler.  I am sure they were wondering if we would come back for them, given the really cool ride we had, because Honey Badger was very obedient and seemed quite pleased to have me back in her saddle.

We were able to ride the Iron Ore Heritage Trail all the way out of town and directly to our next destination, Gitche Gumee Campground.  The trail was both paved and crushed limestone,  and flat, which made for a very nice ride.  We didn’t get lost, no flats, no falls, no fumbles.

Gitchee Gumee Campground is privately owned by a sour, old codger.  He just wanted his $45 for the site (an astronomical fee for a plain, no-fancy spot in the woods, next to a highway), with no questions or comments appreciated.  The campground was terribly run-down, but had soooo much potential!!  All the buildings were made from old rustic logs, and there were large boulders throughout the camp with pictures artfully carved in them.  At one time, there was a community building for campers to gather in, laundromat, and showers.  There used to be a fudge shop, but that was closed down.  Apparently, though, a small tiki bar is in the process of replacing it.  I could just invision this campground all up and running…wth trails, access to Lake Superior, ice, a small camp store, the tiki bar with music, showers, water. The codger is obviously ready to retire…if not, he should anyway!!

Sorry, we didn’t take any pictures today!!

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