Day 45 – Copper Harbor Ft. Wilkins Campground (Total Miles = 718)

It was nice to spend some time just camping and exploring Copper Harbor.  We didn’t go too far on the bikes, mostly because it is so hilly, and we look for time off of the bikes.  Not to mention, I had another fall and I needed to recuperate.  It was another one of those not moving, but out of control moments, that take you by surprise.  But, I really hit hard on the pavement, and my entire right side, from behind my ear on my head, to my right arm and leg, are still sore and purple 10 days later.  Honey Badger is hardcore and one rough cookie…er, uh…bike.  She doesn’t give an inch, yet carries me for miles.  She supports all my bags willingly, but throws me off every chance she gets.  She happily sings to me when the wind blows, then doggedly slogs up a hill.  She fits her name aptly, doesn’t she?

We took a ride to Horseshoe Bay.  A super nice guy, and his girlfriend, were our neighbors in camp and told us about it.  We talked with him a lot as he knew the area well, and you know, we never got his name!  Then we got a view of the Copper Harbor Lighthouse.  There is no public access to the lighthouse, so you had to get a look from afar.

On the morning we left, we met Aaron.  He was a young man starting a new job as a teacher at a catholic school.  We have met so many teachers during our trip!  Like, almost every day we meet a teacher, and that is no exaggeration.  Most are outdoors, preparing mentally for the difficult year to come.  Our teachers need our prayers, along with all our young people.  It will be a year of uncertainty and, I am sure, apprehension.  Aaron was a fun, upbeat kind of guy, still a newlywed, with high hopes for the future.  Ken and I wish him and his wife all the best of life to come.


Road To Horseshoe Harbor

This Is The Start of Highway 41


Horseshoe Harbor

Horseshoe Harbor

Horseshoe Harbor



Life On The Rocks


Ken! On The Rocks



Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Lake Superior

A Rock House


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