Day 44 – Sunset Bay to Copper Harbor (Total Miles = 708)

We were going to try to find a place to stay in Eagle River, but there was nothing there.  Then in Eagle Harbor, but what was there, was full.  We decided to ride straight through to Copper Harbor and ask for a spot at Fort Wilkens State Campground.  We rode over 28 miles, which is a good day for us.

As we have been riding, really since the Porcupine Mountains, Lake Superior has been there.  She appears a little different with each curve we round, or each incline we crest.  She is grand, and beautiful, and exposed.  Sometimes her shores are rocky and other times sandy.  Always cold, always clear, and always beckoning.  We can’t resist and we look forward to her company for many more miles.

We arrived in Eagle River and discovered the prettiest waterfall and bridge right in the middle of town.  The Eagle River Falls, tumble down over the rocks and flows into…you guessed it, Lake Superior.  Just as clear and sparkling as the home it settles in!  A wooden, arched bridge was built over the river for cars, and is just as nice to look at as the waterfall itself.  But, with nowhere to stay, we moved on up the road.

Between Eagle River and Eagle Harbor we came upon another waterfall.  Jacobs Falls is also part of the Eagle River flowing into Lake Superior.  Next door to the falls is The Jampot.  The Jampot is run by monks of the Holy Transfiguration Skete, a Byzantine Catholic Monastery.  The tiny store is ‘jammed’ full of goodies made by the monks.  Fresh local berries transformed into jams and preserves, fruitcakes, and handmade chocolates to name a few.  I hear the monks warn of the ‘Scoofies’ that live in the falls, too.  There was a long line to enter the store, and we couldn’t fit anything more on our bikes if we wanted to so, sadly, we did not actually go in.  But, we were in the right place, at the right time, to see boxes of new product being hand delivered to the store by a monk.

Yes, in disbelief, we humbly rode off to Eagle Harbor.

In Eagle Harbor, we were disappointed when, again, there was no place with any vacancy.  Without cellphone service or internet, we could not plan ahead at all.  I did know that Copper Harbor had the state park, and we knew they would take us in.  So, after visiting the Eagle Harbor Lighthouse, and meeting some new friends, Lynn and Mark, we just kept riding.  Lynn and Mark are a couple we hope to see again.  Adventurous, athletic, and a love for people drew us together and we stopped for a long conversation.  They were searching out mountain bike trails, and anything that would suit their fancy, in their travel van.  They can find a spot, park, and stay the night in most places without worrying about reservations, or the elements.  A nice way to travel!  We hope they take us up on our offer to visit, or that our paths can cross again.

We made fast tracks to Copper Harbor.  First, because we knew the sooner we arrived, the better our chances for a campsite.  Second, Lynn and Mark were going to pass us in the van on their way to Copper Harbor, and we wanted to out bike them.  I guess the racing athlete is still raging within me!  We did get there first, but only because they found those other fancies to explore, before heading to Copper Harbor.  It made the ride fun though!

As predicted, we were able to get a campsite at Fort Wilkens and settled in for a 2 night stay.

View Of A Freighter On Lake Superior

Eagle River Falls and Bridge

Jacobs Falls

A Garden Jam Packed With Flowers at…The Jampot, Of Course

Roadside Stop

Roadside Stop

Eagle Harbor Lighthouse

Views From Eagle Harbor Lighthouse



Lynn and Mark

One thought on “Day 44 – Sunset Bay to Copper Harbor (Total Miles = 708)”

  1. So happy to have met you both! Wish we could have connected more (other than watching your impressive climb up to the lodge as we drove by you).


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