Day 43 – McLain State Park to Sunset Bay (Total Miles = 670.5)

Another shorter day to Sunset Bay Campground with a 16 mile bike ride.  We were feeling pretty good about our continued movement.  We pedaled through Calumet, Old Allouez, New Allouez, Ahmeek, and wherever Sunset Bay Campground is.  : )

We waved hello as we passed, and stopped to talk with a few curious bystanders.  You know though, just waving at people as we ride along is so fulfilling!  You connect with a stranger for a mini second.  They speculate about what we are doing, and we hypothesize about their lives…and for just that one moment we identify with each other.  I think about all the times we have ridden our tri bikes, or mountain bikes, and kept strangers, strangers.  We didn’t give anyone a mini second of our time…we were too busy riding in our own space and reality.  We met a retired dentist, Bruce, while he was riding in one direction, and we in the other.  We stopped to talk for about 45 minutes.  He grew up a Yooper and has lived here most of his life.  He made a comment that most people will turn their head and look in the other direction when riding by.  When they do that he will ask, “What city are you from?”

Some Views From The Ride

You Don’t See These Anymore!

Roasting Marshmallows At Sunset Bay Campground

Sunset at Sunset Bay

Can’t Get Enough Of These.  They Are All Special.

Dr. Bruce

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