Day 42 – McLain State Park (Total Miles = 654.5)

It was a short, easy ride to McLain State Park.  They had a lighthouse and ice cream!!  We should have stayed 2 nights just for the ice cream!  But, we spent the one night, enjoyed the beach by practicing our stone skipping, lingered over the sunset, and left the next day.  I didn’t even shower!!  I’m getting used to channeling my hippy-self!

Lighthouse At McLain State Park

Sunset From Campground Over Lake Superior

Just Gorgeous


Sorry…No pictures of the ice cream!!

2 thoughts on “Day 42 – McLain State Park (Total Miles = 654.5)”

  1. I’m delighted to see you guys doing this: it’s thick with life, and very Ken and Dani. But just falling on my bike (your bike, Ken) at no speed in the driveway lacerated my spleen, and likely would have killed me without the splenectomy. So please, Dani, if you fall and think something is wrong, that you may have hurt yourself, go to the nearest damn ER, please. The world would be less interesting for me, without you guys in it.


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