Day 40 – Ontonagon to Twin Lakes (Total Miles = 620)

Hello!  We are back!!  We…are…a-live!  I am actually writing this on Day 49.  We have had the time of our lives in remote Keweenaw Peninsula.  No phone service at all, just us, our mighty steeds Traveler and Honey Badger, nature, and some wonderful people.  I will be catching everyone up, starting back at Day 40.  Stay with us as we share our Keweenaw story.

Day 40 (August 1) we left Ontonagon, and our friends…Stan, Ingrid, Nonesuch Gallery and Edna.  We rode 27 miles to Twin Lakes Campground.  We had a reservation, so no begging required.  We set up camp right next to the lake, but left our packs on the bike for an early departure in the morning (BwaaHaHaHa!!).  No sooner were we inside the tent, that it started to rain.  The ride that day had been hot and sunny, but by nightfall the temperature dropped to 48 degrees.  My sleeping bag is only rated to 40 degrees.  I think I slept 3 hours total that night.  I was so cold.  I was just so cold.  Ken woke up shirtless!  He was hot and had to remove his shirt in the middle of the night!  Wait a minute!  Who is the one with the hot flashes here?!  Everything was wet, too.  We did our best to clean up the tent and tarp, packed it wet, bundled up with damp ‘warm’ riding clothes, and headed to Hancock, where a hotel reservation awaited our arrival, as well as, the start of the Keweenaw Peninsula.


Beautiful Evening On Twin Lakes


Cold, Wet, Foggy Morning on Twin Lakes

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