Day 38 & 39 – Union Bay Campground to Ontonagon (Total Miles = 593)

Just short of 600 miles so far!  We rode to Ontonagon, unpacked the bikes, and haven’t touched them in 2 days.  We are staying at another mom and pop motel called the Inn Towne Motel.  These older places are delightful.  They creak, they moan, and sometimes gurgle, but the atmosphere makes me feel like a kid again.  My grandparents would take me along on their vacations and we always stayed in these smaller motels.  It brings back loving memories of my childhood and I treasure them all over again when I stay at these old classics.

Ontonagon is a treasure of a town, too.  Not much going on, Covid-19 has many businesses closed.  We hoped to walk through the county museum, but it was closed.  Lake Superior was nearby and 2 really good restaurants were open for business.  And of course, the locals were hungry for new faces.  We talked at length with Stan, a Vietnam veteran.  He had a lot of good insights into the state of our country.  Also, we talked with Jim.  He was a funny guy and lucky to be alive.  At 18 he was in a car that was speeding at 140 mph when it crashed.  He barely survived, but did, and found his wife of 39 years.  He said he has been sober that long too!  And then there was Ingrid.  Our granddaughters name is Ingrid and so we shared stories about that.  We can’t forget the lady selling her 90 year old dad’s wooden sign artwork from her front yard.  She shared some vegetarian recipes with us, including coconut bacon!

We also found a sweet little shop called Nonesuch Gallery.  It is located in an historical storefront and is owned and run by Edna Yonker and her husband Brad.  Edna has quite a long, interesting story that brought her to Michigan from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, her home as a Mennonite.  Although her family long ago left the Mennonites, her artistic talents, which I am sure grew from that experience, are displayed in every part of the store.  Her husband handcrafts guitars out of local wood, along with other superb wooden art.  If you are ever in this neck of the woods, Nonesuch Gallery is a must see!

Lighthouse In The Bay

Sailing On Lake Superior



Nonesuch Gallery

Nonesuch Sculpture

 We’ll Get Through This Together

3 thoughts on “Day 38 & 39 – Union Bay Campground to Ontonagon (Total Miles = 593)”

  1. Love this Dani. Love all the little towns that you are visiting. Love the little gems like the Nonesuch gallery. It is amazing what CV19 has done to these little towns (or little islands). But the hope, optimism and resilience that make us all better and greater is present too. Miss you, love you. Glad you are having such and amazing adventure!


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