Day 36 & 37 – Presque Isle Campground to Union Bay Campground (Total Miles = 576.25)

After spending a full day exploring The Porcupine Mountains from Presque Isle Campground, we moved on to the other side of the park and Union Bay Campground.  Again, we did not have a reservation.  We had Presque Isle call over to Union Bay before we left, and they confirmed they had no sites available.  We considered the fact that they are really against stealth camping and figured they would find a spot for us somewhere.

On this day of biking we had the longest climb yet.  The road gradually ascended for 7.3 miles.  The best I can tell is the steepest portion had a 5.6% incline.  Add to that, we made a stop at Summit Peak to see the view…from the top…higher than whence we had already come.  It was 2 miles up…up…hill.  Needless to say, we said forget it!  We left the bikes on the roadside and walked the remaining 3/4 mile.  The view was beautiful, but we are now spoiled.  I have to say, after seeing the view from the Copper Peak ski jump, I wonder if any view will ever rival it.  Good thing was, after this point in the ride, the road was mostly downhill.

We arrived at Union Bay Campground and explained our situation.  As we hoped, they found a spot for us, outside of the campground, but close by.  We even had a picnic table, electric hookup, and water!  We were able to use the showers and laundry, so it worked out perfectly.

Like Presque Isle, we stayed an additional day so that we could go to Lake of the Clouds.  This was a 7 mile bike ride from the campground.  It too, was an uphill climb to get to the parking lot.  Ken made it all the way to the top!  I got off my bike and walked it.  This was certainly worth the trip!!  You can see all of the Porcupine Mountains from here.  BTW…the park has but one main road.  Everything is wilderness and only backcountry hiking, and I think biking, is allowed.  The most fantastic part of Lake of the Clouds was, from here, you could look out over the mountain top and see the Copper Peak ski jump!!!  I just could not believe it!  I attempted to take a picture, and it is posted below, but you can barely make it out.  It was so far away, so far into the distance, yet so tall we could see it.  Plus, we thought, we came all the way from that point!  Ha Ha!!  That was a cherry on top kind of moment.

Summit Peak

View From Summit Peak

A Summit Peak Flower

Yooper Bar!  Yes…It Was Delicious!  I Deserved It After All That Mountain Climbing, Right?

Lake Of The Clouds


Lake Of The Clouds – Only Backcountry Hiking and Camping Throughout

The View Of Copper Peak On The Summit Of The Sharp Mountain Top…It Is Angling To The Right

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