Day 23 & 24 – To Watersmeet (Total Miles = 390)

We had an awesome ride out of Golden Lake Campground to Watersmeet.  Before we left, we each had 3 beets.  They must have given us back our energy because the ride could not have been better.  We rode Highway 2 the entire time.  I tell ya, riding a bike allows you to see the beauty of a roadside highway!  Things people in cars don’t see as they are speeding by.  It was like we were on air, too.  Have you ever experienced the runners high?  It is like your feet are off the ground and you are moving without effort.  That is how we both felt on our bikes!  We were riding so fast the cattails looked like an optical illusion.  The hills were a nice challenge for a change, and we took them using little energy.

Watersmeet is known for their high school sports team, the Nimrods.  Come on!  The Nimrods?  I am sorry, I apologize, but I just laughed so hard at that.  Here I go again, Ken is sleeping, and I am laughing uncontrollably…quiet like, with tears rolling down my cheeks.  The signs were everywhere as we rode into town and I was cracking up, pedaling my Honey Badger (she was laughing too).  As kids, we used to call people nimrods to tease them.  What is a nimrod anyway?  Well, okay…a nimrod is a skillful hunter.  Hunting is big in these parts, so makes sense until you read the second meaning…an inept person.  I rest my case.

We made it to the hotel/casino where we had to have our temperature checked before we could enter.  If it was okay, you were given a band to put around your wrist.  We had to wear masks if we left our room, which is where we stayed unless we ate.  The next day we had to go find laundry detergent, because although they have a guest laundry, there is no product to purchase to actually do the laundry.  On our return, we had to have our temperature re-checked and new bands put on.  Imagine my surprise when my temperature read 99.8, causing the security guard to say, “uh-oh”.  My mind started to quickly process the situation.  I wouldn’t be allowed back to the room, Ken would have to pack everything up and meet me outside, I’d never get the laundry done, no more of that delicious ice cream (more on that later), and seriously…I’m not sick!  She checked Ken’s and it was good, then re-checked mine…it was fine.  I didn’t tell her this, but she needs a new thermometer!!!  We stayed and washed dishes, clothes, packs, and ourselves!  Ate ice cream (if you haven’t figured it out yet, we love ice cream AND we are not supposed to eat it…REBELS!).  I have to laugh, too, because my daughter Sarah commented on the marshmallow roast we had.  She said, she didn’t know marshmallows were plant-based.  I told her, well, now you do!  Hey people, we are doing the best we can!  We did eat this great vegi sandwich, so it all offsets.

We head out tomorrow for Lake Gogebic State Park Campground.  We are cleaned up and re-organized.  We definitely need to get some beets before we leave town!!!


Shoulder of Highway 2 and Ken


Highway Flowers


More Highway Flowers


Pretty.  Not Sure What They Are Though


A Stream Winding Along to Somewhere


Something Was Playing In The Water


The Watersmeet Nimrods

5 thoughts on “Day 23 & 24 – To Watersmeet (Total Miles = 390)”

  1. Love reading your daily adventures! It takes me away to marvelous places! PS – the bush with the darkish red cones is Sumac….lots of it in the UP.


  2. Hello! This is Lyssa. I met the two of you on my bike when our paths crossed in Watersmeet. I’ve thought if you often. I arrived home in a Roscommon on July 27. Looks like you’re having the time of your lives 😁 I sent another message like this and realized my date may have been incorrect. Couldn’t find it to correct, so am writing again. What an amazing journey! Take care and safe travels to you! Lyssa York ☀️🚴🏻‍♀️


    1. Lyssa!! So so happy to hear from you! We’ve been wondering about your status and happy to hear you made it home!! We’ve been in Keweenaw Peninsula…still are…so no service. Thanks for checking in!!!


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