Day 18 & 19 Lake Antoine Campground

We stayed at Lake Antoine Campground for 2 nights. It was a quiet 2 days catching up on the blog and trying to figure out how to load video. I am still not sure what I am doing, but I am getting closer.

We met our next door neighbors, though. A single mother of 4 children, and one jack russell terrier, Einstein. Her middle son was autistic. To top it off, mom was a teacher. That is a lot of kids! She handled the antics of 4 kids and 1 dog camping, with absolute grace. I thought about how hard and daunting it must be caring for her children without a husband. The father is involved, but it is not the same. There is no one at home to pick you up when you fail, no second opinion, no one to rein in the slack. Yet, her strength and calm resolve was apparent. Her rock was Jesus. Before they all left, Ken and I prayed with them, and for them. I just know she will be more than okay and her children will be proof of that.

We were able to have a campfire and roast marshmallows.  Also, remember as a kid when you would hear the ice cream truck coming a few blocks away?  You would run in the house to get some money right away so you wouldn’t miss it when it came by.  Well, don’t you know, we heard the ice cream truck coming!  Wow!  Did that bring back memories.  Plus, it was so fun just knowing that the children today could experience the same thing we did way back when.  Of course, we had to go run and get our money before the truck passed us by!


Ken Roasting Marshmallows


4 thoughts on “Day 18 & 19 Lake Antoine Campground”

  1. Looks like an adventure with marshmallows.
    Do you miss friends that you meet traveling and then have to continue with your travels without them?
    Are you traveling in a group?
    Take care of youselves;
    Leon Drye


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