Day 17 – From Long Branch Saloon to Iron Mountain (Total Miles = 308)

Rain, headwinds, and hills…an excellent combination for getting stronger, both physically and mentally.  Well, the fellers were right-on with their descriptions.  I was really hoping they were just trying to scare us!  The hills were real, though.  They weren’t as bad as the ones we have at home, that I refuse to climb on a bike, but they were charmers.  To top it off, it was still raining, but no thunder and lightning, so we were good there.  Also, the temperature was cooler and that really made for a nice ride.  We just hit it hard and rode, each of us buried deep within our own thoughts, finding a way to the top of each hill.  We both had to walk our bikes (even that burned our legs) on a couple of hills, but that was okay.  Considering the terrain and weather, we made good time into Iron Mountain.  We passed a US Post Office, so we stopped and unloaded those items we could not get rid of in Marinette.

The ride today will come back to mind many times during this trip.  Hard work and succeeding at it, will always lay a good foundation to lean on in the future, no matter what the task.  The next hard climb, or inclement weather we encounter, will be easier.  Our memories and bodies will remember we have done this before, we made it, we can do it again…even better!

You Know You’re In The U.P. When You See (And Eat) These!

History on the pasty:  The pasty originates from Cornwall, England as far back as the 1200s.  That is a long time ago!  It was the perfect food item for miners.  It had everything needed to sustain the hungry miner in one pastry filled pasty…meat, potatoes, carrots.  The miner could heat the pasty over candles worn on their helmets and enjoy a nice, hot, full rounded meal.  The state even has a Michigan Pasty Day…May 24th.

3 thoughts on “Day 17 – From Long Branch Saloon to Iron Mountain (Total Miles = 308)”

  1. Awesome journey and I loved the ducks!! Beautiful pictures of America and the people you met! 308 miles! That is FANTASTIC! Keep posting! Love you two so much!!


  2. Reminds me of the time you, Becky and I were running up in the mountains and you kept on going until you got to the burger king in Idaho Springs. You are on tough cookie, the ever ready bunny who takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Love your toughness. Love your softness. You are the perfect combination. Stay positive, stay strong. You can do this!


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