Day 11-12 – Oconto WI

Ken and I decided to hunker down here in Oconto so that we would not be on the road during the July 4th weekend.  Holt Campground, where we were staying, was full of campers.  It was on the shore of the Oconto River, just a quarter mile down from Wise Guy’s.  It remained very hot, and the sad part is, the showers were not open due to Covid-19.  Since the campground was full, we were given a spot set away from all the rvs, so it was very quiet.  I thought it was a perfect restful site, especially when, on the 4th of July no less, we saw a gorgeous bald eagle fly over our campsite!  The eagle has been the symbol of our freedom since 1782.  It represents a wholly pure spirit, with extraordinary strength, and long life.  Whenever I have the privledge of seeing one, my heart always skips a beat, and I ooh and aah, just like one does when seeing the fireworks display.  They go hand-in-hand, you know?  The fireworks should be a reminder of the people who fought and died for this country’s freedom.  The eagle should represent the permanence of that freedom.  Neither should ever be taken for granted.

On the fourth, Ken and I went back to Wise Guy’s.  Surprise!  While we ate lunch, we were told about a guy in town who builds custom electric bikes.  We tooled around town (free of our panniers!!) to see if we could find him.  We eyed one of his bikes in a store display, but he did not work out of there.  We really needed to have our bike tires filled and couldn’t do it with our little survival tire pump.  His phone number was on the display so we called it.  After hearing our message, astonishingly, he called back!  He was enjoying the day, but took the time to return our call anyway.  He was happy to help us out, so after we finished our double scoop ice cream cones, we headed to his place.  Robert’s front yard exhibited many of the e-bikes he designed.  So cool!  The Dream Weaver.  Bert’s Motorized Bicycles.  Him and his wife took our bikes under control and quickly filled the tires.  They would not take any money for it, even after disrupting their day.  I don’t know if Robert knows it, but wherever we went afterwards, everyone knew of him…even 30 miles north of town.  It’s like that when you care about others.

image_2842fdec-3eaa-4f5b-a929-ae9afa2f326c.4th_july_fireworks_eagle_mood_america_usa_1280x720 Photo


Now That’s The Way To Travel the Oconto River!!


I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!


The Dream Weaver’s


Robert and His Wife Taking Care of Us