Day 8 & 9 – Back to Green Bay (Total Miles = 178)

It was time to pack up camp and head back to Green Bay to meet Honey Badger II.  We rode 29 miles to a small county campground, Bay Shore Park.  It was right on Green Bay, so we took a dip in the bay to cool off.  Considering the showers were not open, the swim was probably a good thing all around!  We just set up the tent, had dinner, and went to bed so we could get up at 5:45 am and get on the road early!  Turned out we are total slow pokes.  We are in our sixties, so give us some leeway!  Haha…Ken and I always have good intentions of getting on the road early, but it takes us forever to get loaded up again.  We didn’t hit the road until 8:30.  We had a lot of good tailwind and downhills though (that actually made me scream outloud in delight, this time) and we made the 20 miles to the bike shop by 10:45.  Honey Badger II was there waiting for me.  She was a beauty, too!  But, alas, I couldn’t take her on the journey.  The handlebars and geometry of the bike just didn’t work out.  I am sad, and yet, I was even sadder at the possibility of leaving Honey Badger I behind.  So, I always say, God will open the door if it is right.  Honey Badger and I will do just fine together.  Tomorrow we pedal out of Green Bay and finally have our sight on the Upper Peninsula.  Ken and Traveler, me and Honey Badger (Formerly known as…Honey Badger, then Honey Badger I, now back to Honey Badger).


Traveler and Honey Badger

One thought on “Day 8 & 9 – Back to Green Bay (Total Miles = 178)”

  1. Oh, so disappointing that you did not get to take Honey Badger II with you. I am so sorry. I love the image and can just picture you screaming in delight with the downhill and tailwinds at your back during this ride. Sorry about Honey Badger II. Honey Badger 1 is a good girl!


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