Day 6 & 7 – Potawatomi State Park (Total Miles 125)

Today we rode across the Door Peninsula for 21 miles to Potawatomi State Park.  As luck would have it, the route put us back on another section of the Ahnapee State Trail for 14 miles.  It remains hot, and sunny…did I mention it was 90 degrees?!  I know, I know, quit whining!!  My skin is beginning to bubble…like, seriously.  Every time we stop for a break, the horseflies begin biting me, and then I swell up and itch.  They never seem to bother Ken at all!  He says it’s because I’m sweeter…yes, I can believe that.  But, in case you have been wondering why you haven’t seen any photos of me, now you know.

We loved Potawatomi State Park (it is fun to type and say the name, too).  It is right on the banks of Sturgeon Bay.  We put up camp and stayed for an extra day.  It was great to just relax and walk on our feet!  Actually, we got in a 4 mile trail run around the park.  The trail went past a ski hill that operated from 1941 – 1998 and was run by a group of volunteers.  People were able to bring their kids there to learn to ski.  It looks like those same grown-up kids want to try to bring the ski hill back to life.  We wish them luck!  There was an observation tower on the trail, but it was closed for repairs.  I would love to go back when it is open because I am sure the views from the top would be spectacular.  The trail wound back down to the banks of the Sturgeon Bay.  Just a wonderful spot for watersports of all kinds, including kayaking, sailing, ski-doos, stand-up paddleboarding, and fishing.  You can look across the bay and see the town of Sturgeon Bay.  The rock formations in the area look like hundreds of shelves and you can’t help but want to explore their nooks and crannies.  We also ran past a working crew wearing MSA fall protection gear.  Mine Safety Appliances was the company I worked at for 16 years.  It was just fun to see the equipment again!

We talked to a bunch of other campers.  That is what I love about the mid-west…people just love to talk.

Ahnapee State Trail – Wild Irises
The Old Ski Hill View From The Top


Sturgeon Bay


Beautiful Rock Formations


The Ice Age Trail/Tower Trail We Ran

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