Day 5 – Algoma (Total Miles = 104)

Guess how far we rode?!?  40 miles!!  HaHa!!  No screaming, no cursing, no crying!  I have to say, if everyday is like yesterday, this tour is going to be a smashing success!

We rode from Ashwaubenon to Algoma.  The day was perfect, although the sun was still scorching.  Before heading out of town, we had to stop at Lambeau Field.  If in Wisconsin, do what the cheeseheads do, right?  I shared a picture on yesterday’s blog, the only one we managed to get!  I am still trying to get the hang of all the blogging and picture taking…pretty obvious.  The field was about 2 miles from our hotel, so we hadn’t gone far before we met Geri.  Geri is a wonderfully energetic woman who loves to walk and teach swimming.  I wish I had her in my life when I was learning to swim at 49 years old!  She even has ties to Colorado.  We were all there for the Christmas season last year.  It is such a small world.  She told us about Titletown Park.  The Green Bay Packers built the park and there is an ice skating rink, outdoor game areas, and even a tubing hill.  She was so fun to talk to before we left town.  We had wanted to get her picture but she definitely walked faster than we rode our bikes, because she was gone like lightning!  Happy walking Geri!

Five minutes later we met Dana and Greg, also pseudo-cheeseheads.  These two travel the states managing their hauling business.  They throw their kayaks and fishing poles on the truck and take advantage of all the places they need to go for deliveries.  Of course, Ken and I hit it off right away with this adventurous couple.  We shared our adventures, traveling tips, and talked family.  We said goodbye, then began talking again about the state of our country.  We agreed what the Bible says that, there will come a day when good will become evil, and evil will become good.  The four of us feel that day has come.  It is times like this when you ponder the state of affairs, when the thoughts begin to weigh heavy, and anxiety sets in, that the Lord is our only refuge.  He will give you strength, and security.  He will free your mind.  All you need to do is ask!  We reluctantly had to part ways with Dana and Greg!  Safe travel guys!  Who knows, our paths may cross again!  We certainly hope so!

A few miles later we crossed the Fox River.  It was a pretty river running through town, with a walk along the banks, so I stopped to take some photos.  It was here that we met Jolene and her husband Tom.  They were out cycling and enjoying the weather.  They gave us a few tips about traveling in the UP, as they go there often.  A nice way to take a little break before the long haul to Algoma.

Hallelujah!  We came across a convenience store!  Just to be sure we had enough water to last the day in the heat, we stopped in.  It was here that we met a 10 year veteran named Larry, and his friend Adam.  Ken had felt a sense of calling to go talk to them.  Larry shared his story of why he is in a wheelchair.  Six years ago he fell and broke his neck on a coffeetable.  Then, 3 years ago, a snake bite he had received years back, while in Central America, affected his body.  The poison paralyzed his right side.  Adam shared his story, too.  His belief and trust in God began when his young daughter began having seizures.  The doctors gave them a grim prognosis, it would be fatal.  His family and friends prayed for her and they helped with medical expenses by giving them $20,000.  Prayers were certainly answered because after another round of testing, the doctors found no abnormalities.  The disease was gone.  His daughter is now 24 years old!  Sometimes having a listening ear is just what a soul needs.  In this case, two souls!  They loved sharing their story, and we were spellbound listening.  Ken prayed with them and then we hit the road.

You never know what you will find in the middle of dairy country!  Elk!!  I thought we were delirious from the 90 degree heat, but no, it was elk.  We found out that elk once inhabited Wisconsin back in the 1800s, but they were hunted out.  Surprisingly,  in 1995, 25 elk were reintroduced to Wisconsin, and now the population sits at 400.  I am not sure why the 3 bull elk were at Elk Run Haven, but it makes me want to go find that herd of 400.  By the way, the bull elk wanted absolutely nothing to do with us.

The most wonderful thing about Wisconsin are the trails crisscrossing the landscape.  We can ride for miles off road, on hardpack, with shade!  Ahnapee State Trail is one of those trails that we had the pleasure of riding on.  These types of trails can make the trip slower, but having the shade, the solitude, and the beauty make it worth the time.

Ken and I are usually all alone while riding these trails, but this time, we were blessed by meeting Pat and Mary who were out on a walk.  They live in the local farming community and are retired teachers…our heroes.  Pat now is busy with her organic vegetable farm.  She offered to get us some lettuce, which would have been heavenly, but by the time we could eat it, the sun would have wilted it like a wet noodle.  Keep growing organic, Pat…we need fresh organic vegis homegrown in the USA!

We finally made it to Algoma, exhausted from the heat…did I mention it was 90 degrees?!  I guess the hand warmers I brought along won’t be needed!  We stayed at Big Lake Campground.  This was a campground right out of the past!  The kiddies park had all the old time play equipment, the trailers looked like they were from the 50’s, and the music was straight out of the Sinatra, Doris Day, and the good ole’ Elvis, era.  We set up camp then headed into town to eat pizza and have a beer…mostly because I was too tired to cook!  Algoma is a nostalgic town, too.  One of those places where the locals hang out downtown and everyone knows everyone else.  Interestingly, Algoma was originally known as Ahnapee (Land of the great gray wolf), so named by the Potawatomi Indians who told stories of the legendary wolves.  Thank goodness we never encountered any wolves while on the Ahnapee Trail, but we were happy to have visited the town.


Titletown – Green Bay


Dana and Greg


The Fox River – Green Bay, Wisconsin






Elk Run Haven


Elk Running Away From Us


Ahnapee State Trail


Pat and Mary


Algoma Lighthouse


Algoma Moon Settling In For The Evening

3 thoughts on “Day 5 – Algoma (Total Miles = 104)”

  1. Beautiful Dani. Love the writing. Love the stories. Love that I am writing to you in the far reaches of Wisconsin and Michigan from the far reaches of the Bahamas. Enjoy the adventure. Love you guys! 🙂


  2. OH HOW COOL . We made it into your blog .. We could of stayed talking all day w you guys. Once I figure how to post pics on here I will post the pic I got . we have bn into poison oak , were not allowed into rivers because of the virus , our truck window was busted out in Albuquerque , blew water pump out of colo ( valley of the Rockies Glenwood springs) had to fix on the side of the road after taxi took us to and from the parts store , floated in the Rio Grand river after driving down the gorge (Pilar NM ). took some time off of the road and camping for a few days w a friend I hadnt seen in years . see I can talk . Tell Ken we say hi


    1. Of course you guys made it into the blog! It sounds like you have had quite the journey since we left you! You definitely needed and deserved some time off! Keep on keeping on!! Be safe! Take care.


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