Day 3 & 4 – Ashwaubenon (Total Miles = 64)

Did you know that Ashwaubenon (ash-wah-ben-on) is home to Lambeau Field, the stadium for the Green Bay Packers?  It is also home to Festival Foods, a most amazing grocery store!  And, to a fine bike shop, Stadium Bike West.  We headed to the grocery store to finally get some food into our packs, then set our sights on the bike shop to have kickstands added to our bicycles.  Yes, additional weight!  We were finding it frustrating leaning the bikes together, or on trees, or walls, and then getting into our packs and having everything fall into a heap on the ground (we are such rookies!).  The shop took us in right away and put the stands on our bikes.  In the meantime, we were discussing the fact that my bike, Honey Badger, is just too big for me.  I have never been comfortable on her and have modified it several times to no avail.  Probably part of the reason I screamed, cursed, and cried the other day (it’s a good excuse, anyway).  Well, wouldn’t you know it, they had access to a brand new Trek in a small frame!  Reasonably, priced too!  So, we are taking a bit of a detour.  Tomorrow we will ride up into Door County, the peninsula off of Green Bay.  We were told it is the gem of Wisconsin!  We will spend a few days there exploring Algoma, and Sturgeon Bay, then head back to Ash-wah-ben-on, where I hope to meet Honey Badger II.  Stay tuned and I promise to capture more pictures of this beautiful state.