Revival Tour Re-Ignited

Well, for anyone that knows us, you’re very aware that our revival tour has been a long time coming. Our plans have been cut short several times for one reason or another. In fact, we should have been on the road in April of 2020. This time, however, all of our lives were derailed and we were all forced to take a major detour. Hopefully, everyone used this downtime for positive renewal. Sometimes, having to take a step backward, or in this case, a leap backward, can lead to personal growth…an opportunity to get off the merry-go-round of life, take a rest, and get to know yourself again.

I have to admit though, that Ken and I felt like we were knocked down and defeated. We just could not believe the door was slammed shut again. It didn’t help that the rain came, day after dreary day, causing us to be homebound indoors. No running, no biking, no fishing. It got to the point where I got dressed up and styled my hair just to go to the dump and grocery store! I mean, how clean can you get your house, already!? Frustration, loneliness, the constant loud drone of the doomsday media, All of It!, was pushing us over the edge. We definitely had to jump off the merry-go-round. Our recharge came from our church pastor in a “30 Days of Prayer To Build Your Home” podcast. Then following that, his current series, “Gateway to Freedom”. We were pulled back up by our bootstraps and re-centered again. The Word of God will do that! The Lord really can free you to live the life He wants for you.

Yet, it took a pandemic to understand how much we all need each other. But, it will take the Spirit of the Lord to penetrate the hearts of people who are hurting so badly, who are so lost in their feeling of emptiness, that their only outlet is to riot and destroy, in order for people to feel their pain. Ken and I realized that we had to resurrect the revival tour. Waiting again is no longer an option! If you wait until everything lines out perfectly, it will never happen. The perfect time is now! For us, and for you, too! We all need to reconnect with ourselves, our families, God, and with each other.

The Revival Tour begins tomorrow! We will be bicycling the entire perimeter of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (1200 miles). We found the idea through a supported bike ride aptly named, “Tour Da Yoop, Eh”. It’s a beautiful place for us to experience our love of biking, running, swimming, camping, Adventure! We want to reconnect with people along the way by sharing our story and hearing yours. We are all hurting and disconnected in one way or another. But, our connection is in our humanity, our love for country, and our spiritual yearning.

Ken and I need to have our faith in humanity restored. We need to feel our hearts pumping wildly out of our chest and our muscles screaming from hard work! We need to have fun! For the next few months we will be sharing our exploits, our pictures and videos, our stories and yours. Click the Follow button and come along for the journey!

5 thoughts on “Revival Tour Re-Ignited”

  1. Allrighty then! Have the time of your life! I’ll be watching so don’t leave me hanging. Need to see some pics along the way. Terry & I lived in Houghton/Hancock for tow different stints totaling almost 10 years.


  2. This is a fabulous journey! Enjoy reading the entries and seeing all the photos, (This would make a good book!). Love you guys❤


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